I open eyes as a normbreaking entrepreneur, journalist, professional speaker, moderator and author

I lost my sight, but I did not loose my vision and dreams. I have never been this “sighted” as I am today!

Photographer: Yasmin Nilson

Me sitting dressed in black leather jacket, next to me my cream colorued guide dog wearing a white harness.

Photographer: Yasmin Nilson

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, and I am also certain that diversity and breaking norms makes us grow as people, organisations and companies. I believe we need to work on different levels to include all people, and to reach an equal society with no discrimination. That is why I combine journalism with public speaking, inspiration, education and writing books.

In Sweden I am well known for being the first blind film critic and for my journalistic work about diversity and disability. I have been rewarded for including people with disabilities in society.

My education is journalism, social educator and I am also a coach with an ICF diploma.

Today I mostly work with radio and podcasting, and to inspire others through my speeches. I produce my own podcast called I mörkret med. The podcast I mörkret med is recorded in complete darkness at The restaurant Svartklubben, located in Stockholm. I invite guests to my world as a blind person. I mörkret med is produced in Swedish.

Group photo: Graham on the left dressed in glasses, grey short hair, dark skin, bright shirt and dark striped suite. Me in the middle in black v-necked top next to Ulf wearing black cap and black hoodie. There is a black draper in the background.

Image: From my podcast I mörkret med. Ulf and me together with our guest Graham Tainton. Graham is a famous choreographer, who used to work with ABBA and has experiences from Apartheid in South Africa.

Contact me, Anna Bergholtz

Please do not hesitate to write to me if you have questions about me or my work. You are also very welcome to contact me if you wish to book me for a speech or other kind of work.

E-mail: kontakt@annabergholtz.se

Phone: +46 704 56 78 11